This article tells a different story and clearly notes that Johnny's and the others listed are indeed owned by Monsanto. Burpee is NOT owned by Monsanto. It only muddies the waters. Now if you wish to not buy seed that came from Seminis as their parent company is Monsanto so there is a money trail back to them, that is another story. A new lawsuit claims that the company Monsanto, now owned by Bayer, violated antitrust laws when it introduced the seeds. Our Roots. And if a farmer stops using Monsanto's patented seeds, they are at risk of breaching their contract. I ordered $1,000s of dollars of seeds of all kinds from Mtn Valley every year. document.write(" "); We offer both heirloom strains and hybrid varieties. A pretty way to send invitations in this new age of technology! I told them to ship it and it arrived a couple days later. Monsanto Company unveiled a $31 million, state-of-the-art laboratory and office expansion of its vegetable and seed research headquarters Thursday, making Yolo County the home of the world’s largest site dedicated to vegetable seed health research. are they all owned or not? Then, overnight, they were a Monsanto subsidiary and seed companies like Johnny’s Selected Seeds and Territorial Seeds found themselves in the awkward position of buying seeds from Monsanto. They arrive in timely manner and well-packaged. I work for Mountain Valley Seed and we are not owned by Monsanto and we do not sell ANY GMO seed. This is the full text of the email I received from Territorial in regards to their Monsanto ties: Erica, We are owned by Tom and Julie Johns. Back to the top The Monsanto Company (/ m ɒ n ˈ s æ n t oʊ /) was an American agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation founded in 1901. document.write("googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-828655358825645286-oop'); });"); There is an alarming percentage of food brands owned by Monsanto. The seed germinated very well and I now have dill coming out my ears. document.write("
"); Now I'm retired and just order from them for my own veggie & flower gardens. Very fast,reasonable shipping. Small home garden pks. }. They know their stuff and are willing to help. Rules, Privacy Policy, This Blog is about me and my family's trials and tribulations as we create a viable homestead. As time has passed, we’ve seen that this corporation has done far more harm than good. document.write(" "); document.write("googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-828655358825645286-oop'); });"); document.write("
"); The prices are very good. Personally, I’ve bought seeds from Baker Creek Seed Company, who have a very large assortment of heirloom seeds, but feel free to shop and […] That will feed the entire family itself using as many "green" ways as possible, we won't always be using them but we will do what we can. The same decade that Demetrios Agathangelides started the business that would later be known as Mountain Valley Seeds, all around the country about 10,000 other small independently owned seed companies were supplying growers with locally adapted plants. Bayer is asking the court to dismiss the complaint. I actually e-mailed Territorial. At stake is Monsanto's multi-billion dollar seed industry. Otherwise I’ll toss your catalog.”Which is what I just did, tossed them both. I am a HAPPY customer. Seed Companies Owned by Monsanto Following is a list of companies that are either a)owned in part by Monsanto or b) carry seeds sourced from Seminis, which was bought by Monsanto in 2005. }if(SizeManager.check_is_mobile()) { Highly recommend them to everyone. I spent six years purchasing for a large wholesale greenhouse & nursery. Media Kit | Lindenberg Seeds McClure and Zimmerman Quality Bulb Brokers Mountain Valley Seed Osborne Park Seed Park Bulbs Park’s Countryside Garden R.H. Shumway Rocky Mountain Seed Co Roots and Rhizomes Rupp Seeds for the World Seymour’s Selected Seeds Snow Stokes Spring Hill Nurseries Totally Tomato T&T Seeds Tomato Growers Supply Vermont Bean Seed Co. Founded in 1985 in Boulder, Colorado, Lake Valley Seed can be found in garden centers, hardware stores, farm and ranch stores, grocers, and other community retail stores throughout the United States. This list is comical and desperately misinformed. seed companies owned by monsanto document.write("
"); Very happy to find Mountain Valley Seed. © 2021 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of Use, The order was shipped promptly. For the record, I own W. Atlee Burpee & Co. Burpee is NOT owned by Monsanto. Mountain Valley Seeds offers a large range of vegetable, flower, herb, and sprouting seeds to everyone from backyard gardeners to resellers and small growers. We do carry a few products which are purchased from Seminis, which is owned by Monsanto but this is a very small percentage of our offering. Our business has grown, but we are proud to still be a "little guys" and remain one of the few truly independent seed companies in the nation. Bogus info being passed on here! Seminis is owned by Monsanto. So I agree with OrnamenTalle, DOUBLE CHECK your info. Ok I just happened to come across a list of seed companies owned in some form or another by Monsanto here is a link to the yahoo group message about it: if it does not work I will copy/paste it below: "All of these seed companies are owned by Monsanto or buy seed from Seminis or,, Confessions of a video gamer (and other things). They are quick to ship, and everything has always been correct. Lake Valley Seed is a full-line garden seed company that sells packaged flower, herb, and vegetable seeds to independent retailers for resale. so what are you trying to say? True Community in Country Living 2/19/2011 - Under... Looks like the "truth" is not posted here. document.write("