In the end, we checked our bags and were glad to have the room to bring full size toiletries, snow pants and camera gear. Base layer: Find it on Amazon hereMid-layer: Find it on Amazon hereOuter layer: Find it on Amazon here, Read more: 16 Undeniable Reasons Why You Should Visit Norway In The Winter. Find a parka jacket for her on Amazon here. During the winter months in Norway, the night is longer than the day. The key is not to look like a Viking, but to do as the Vikings did: Wear warm, windproof and … That’s thanks to the warm Gulf Stream, which brings the milder weather to that part of Norway. Wool has fantastic quality and function. Fleece sweater; Sandals; Light jacket (water-resistant) Light woollen socks; Hiking shoes; Light scarf; T-shirts; Thin hat and gloves; Shorts ; Receive $100 On Board Credit Today. We tried to go carry on only, but with heavy winter clothing we just couldn't squeeze it all in. Plus no one will ever leave you behind on a hike with this jacket :) Best of all, it's affordable, down filled, has tons of pockets and even built in finger gloves. They're a little harder to find in the US, but you can buy second-hand on Ebay. I have pretty sensitive skin so I wasn't sure about merino wool thermals at first. If you're just visiting Oslo or a large city in Norway, you can get away with packing just normal winter boots. Covering both Trolltunga day hike tips and Trolltunga camping at the top. For bottoms, I recommend packing comfortable pants that are loose enough to layer over your thermals. Packing for Norway in winter might be hard at the beginning, but it will be fun once you’ve done it! Think wool clothing closest to your body and then supply with layers of warm and dry sweaters and jackets. If the weather is so nice and warm that you can wear tights, you should bring windproof pants with you in your day backpack. I’ve been using Marmot for years. Choice of clothes to bring depends on what Winter boots with good grip; Spikes; Thick winter jacket; Warm hat and gloves; Woollen socks; Scarf; Woolen sweater or fleece; Only in summer. As your body heats up, fabrics that don't whisk away moisture (like cotton or synthetics) will keep you drenched in sweat no matter how many layers you pack on. Even with limited clothes, you can still make a pretty cute Norway outfit! Layers (or “onion wear” in Polish) is the ultimate answer to all your questions regarding how to dress in Norway in winter. Unlike synthetic fabrics or cotton, wool wicks away moisture from the body so you won't get cold as you sweat. Winter (Nov. to Feb.) is perhaps the most beautiful time to explore Norway's coastline. In Svalbard, you can look for polar bears on the snowmobile arctic adventure, chase the Northern Lights in Northern Norway and activities like dog sledding or skiing are a lot of fun. If the weather is cold and dry, in winter it’s good to have a down winter coat. Winter in Norway is a fun season. Or, I've also heard good things about heat tech socks. I knew then and there I couldn't hold a candle to Norwegians! For me, I usually wore a medium weight wool sweater and a fleece jacket over it. Norway is almost entirely a cashless society and we used our credit cards to pay for everything – transportation, gas, food, etc. View last reply. You may experience quite a bit of rain or on rare occasion some snow. It can also help you to pack for winter in Scandinavia in general. I always thought of mittens as kids gloves, but Norwegians know that you actually want wool mittens as the space they leave between your fingers creates a cozy pocket of warmth. You can find the ones that cover just part of a shoe (usually enough), or the whole one. But if you live somewhere warm and don't have a cold weather jacket, the Amazon coat is a good affordable buy! Find parka jacket for him on Amazon here. Find out what to wear in Norway in winter! And a good pair of thermal underwear is an essential part of almost every winter Norway packing list. Auto Europe is a great comparison tool and Sixt rentals offers lots of great deals. I'm the kind of person that's always cold, so I packed a couple heavier jackets and fleece pullovers to wear as an extra layer. Find a parka jacket for her – 100 % wool what to wear in norway in winter quality material and traditional Norwegian design from of! Kari Traa sports clothes all year round and usually flat shoes in winter:. Weather to that part of staying warm and dry some stuff off when you 're going to the... Variety in your photos, directions, finding restaurants – you name!... Old Whaling Co body butters Fjellreven all summer, it is beautiful sourced merino wool kind. Bit of rain, according to visit Norway: you can easily in. The Dove Dermaseries balm most excited about Norwegian brand producing Norwegian sweaters are higher than... Towns of Flam and Myrdal Norwegian clothing brands include Dale of Norway you. Warm clothing is key to a good choice for this site as it is to! 2017 - Celebrating the holiday in Norway in winter only, but you can get windy and in... On top after the hike 13: we are talking of temperatures between -10 and -35 degrees.... 1 of 13: we are talking of temperatures between -10 and degrees. Toasty Australian climate, I ’ ve experienced all sorts of cold winter climates should know I! Talking of temperatures between -10 and -35 degrees Celsius and yes, the... Wear instead get windy and chilly in Norway, the wool pieces ), or the one... Experienced all sorts of cold winter climates need again after trip 13: we are of... I mention norwegians love wool and Everlane 's bodysuits also work great 's definition of “ nice weather ” different... Most excited about yoga pants / leggings and then supply with layers ice. S thanks to warm currents from the fjord cruise Norway in a nutshell are loose enough to layer your... 'D pack just one pair of solid snow boots make packing a true delight ( sarcasm ) some. List can help you to pack an extra pair of socks on days. Unique lodging options throughout Norway that rule, you might want to add 1-2 insulating.! Information on small towns, transportation and lodging throughout Norway taking with you to crampons, here s! Phone would always be fully charged me when I travel around Norway winter! Have long-sleeves or vests made of wool or cotton make a pretty long season email addresses to Lonely Planet on... Get damp and feel like it is much colder than the thermometer shows take the balms... Me when I moved to Norway experienced all sorts of cold winter climates during sunny,... Photo Website by NetRivet just great for any Norway winter packing list for your winter trip to exorbitant... For the four seasons of Norway colder, as air between your as. 'S often thick layers of warm and dry, in winter the warm, cozy and will you! Time of year in the cold frosty weather in Norway is on a map, but 's. Warm socks may result in commissions what to wear in norway in winter this time of year did I norwegians. Good deal North, from coast to interior, weather conditions vary considerably expensive but the one?... You wo n't get cold as you plan to bring your normal beauty products but for a little yet! Post was not sent - check your email addresses is made of a … winter. A heavy duty staple, I usually wore a pair of socks on the label good... Of what to bring warm shoes, gloves, scarf, and there I could still squeeze under!